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I ALMOST asked him… Almost…

I thoroughly I was going to die of awkwardness today. I swore to my friend that I would ask him to the dance. Why I did that I have no idea. I almost did it multiple times. Btw we talked the whole bus ride home on Wednesday and it was great. Anyways, so this morning I tried to talk to him and ten I was gonna ask him but someone else kept talking to me. I tried to silently get her to stop talking so I could talk to him but she just kept going. Goodness gracious. And then when we got off the bus I called him but he didn’t hear me which I’m glad about. Because that means I would have had to ask him. My heart was beating and I was getting really hot. So the reason I thought I was going to die was because I was so so close to asking him. Oh well. I’m pretty sure the next time was while I was on my way to social studies. He was right by the classroom door talking to someone and I went in to put my stuff down and when I came back out he was gone. The last chance was at lunch. I tried to get to lunch on time so I could possibly be by him in line but that didn’t work out. And the he always leaves lunch early for some reason so I stalled sitting down so I could possibly stop him but there are way to many people in the lunchroom and I’m too much of a nervous and awkward person to do that. The last chance was after school. He usually waits in the lunchroom til the last moment to get on the bus so I was gonna catch him there but I was waiting on my friend and she was taking forever with her boyfriend. Oh well. So asking him to the dance didn’t real work out.
In other news, I auditioned for my school play today. I hope I did well. Surprisingly enough I wasn’t even that nervous. I think I did fine but I’m not so sure about my best friend who didn’t really do what I know she can do. It’s fine though. I have faith that at least one out of my four friends that auditioned will get in Although, there are only nine female parts and fifteen girls auditions. I’m scared and excited and nervous all for different reasons. I just pray that everything works out. The scariest part of the day is that I almost asked him to the dance. Where did I get the guts to do that? I’m not even nervous around guys. Just THAT guy. Smh. Ok Im done rambling. For now. 😉

5 Reasons Why I Can’t Ask Him to the Dance

Anybody else have those almost perfect moments to tell that perfect someone something? I had one today. But my friend was still by me so I was too nervous too. Smh. It would have been great if my est friend weren’t standing right next to me. It was 8:45, I was leaving the basketball game early. So was he. And my friend just went out there to keep me company. Oh btw this guy I’m talking about is the guy on my bus. I’ve been wanting to ask him to the school dance since I found out when the next one was and today would have been perfect. We were all outside, it was dark, and it was only the three of us. He was standing alone and my friend was talking to me although I wasn’t listening. To distracted with him standing so close. He was maybe 15 feet away. I could have, should have, would have asked him to the Winter Formal. I’m just an awkward wreck.
1. I’m awkward around guys I like. I’m pretty cool around guys but guys I like I usually can’t hold a conversation with because I’m so surprised that I even tried to start a conversation.
2. Girls asking guys is not the traditional way to do it. Which I don’t care about that but I’m extremely afraid of rejection. I can’t be accepted or rejected if I don’t ask but the thought of asking him scares me to death. In fact, he asked someone else out to homecoming which I shouldn’t be mad about cuz I’m not dating him or anything but I feel like I was the fall back girl sorta. Like he wouldn’t have danced with me if the first girl didn’t say no to him. I had so much fun that night. It’s a shame that I feel so horrible about it now. But being second is better than nothing, right?
3. Did I mention that I am a nervous wreck around people I have a crush on?
4. I want the time to be right. Like I don’t want to ask around alot of people. I’d rather it’d be just us. I don’t want to ask over Facebook because then he doesn’t have to Reply. And so far I’ve had two great opportunities and one almost great opportunity to ask him.
5. I’m not even sure if he likes me. That could be a bit of a problem. I think so but then again I don’t think so…

Anyways, ill figure it out. And if I have to just approach him at the dance to dance with him so be it. I will grow a pair and do that. I understand this is kind of a small problem in the grand scheme of things but I’m gonna work it out and solve it. I’m gonna put on my thinking cap and figure out a solution.

Size 16 and still hungry

I always te myself to post but then I think no it’s been to long but by doing that the time just gets longer. I need to get back in my groove of this. Anyways, this something my friend said and a thought I had after she said it.
” I’ve never weighed more than 115. I’m getting fat.”
Um I can’t even remember that last time I was 115.
“Omg I’m a 3 now. I need to lose weight.”
I’m a freaking 16 and proud. Nothing wrong with larger sizes.

16 isn’t even that big but I’m tall so so my weight evens out sorta. More goes to my stomach than my chest and I can’t help that I love chicken. Pshhh. Diets? Puh lease. I enjoy food way to much for that. Food is food not friends. (Reference to Finding Nemo). But it’s all good. I love my tummy and all it’s juiceyness. I couldn’t even picture myself that thin. I enjoy being a nice full shape. Yup. 😀


Ik I haven’t posted in a long time but I’ve been really busy with school, student council, tennis, njhs, and being lazy. Lots of stuff has happened during my first month as a freshman. I don’t feel like re capping. I just wanted to post to say that my homecoming was like a scene out of a movie.
The dance it’s self was incredible. It didn’t really look like a dance from the movies but the decorations that were there were nice and the dj was awesome. I kind of went through all of the emotions at homecoming. When I got there I was convinced that I had the third ugliest dress there and I cried. It’s pathetic. But after a couple seconds I picked myself up an stopped crying In te stall and just had an attitude for the ten minutes it took my friend to do her make up. Then I plainly half heartedly danced but then I gradually let loose and started really dancing. But all while I was dancing I was dancing I was looking for “My Neighbor” or you may know him as “Bus Crush Guy” or “operation Tellm Guy”. Turns out he was on the complete other side of the gym behind a load of people. So after a bunch of drama happened within my friend group and lots of dancing my friend Allison had me promise that I would dance with him. And after that I went around to look for him and I found him and asked him to dance. My friends were being clingy and weird about it which is funny but me and my neighbor ended up dancing for two or three songs. It was so much fun. The first song was Motivation by Kelly Rowland which is a little awkward because if we became something that would make it our song and that song is about sex. After those two or three songs he was tired an I just danced with my friends for the rest of the night.
It actually took me two tries to dance with him. The first time my friends had dragged me over there and we’re telling me to dance with him and he was standing there smiling and I was apologizing for the Way my friends were acting. Then he said something that made me question if this was real life or not. He said don’t apologize, you should listen to your friends. And we were going to dance to the song that was on but he didn’t like it so I left and came back a few songs later and that’s when we danced. My homecoming was awesome. It started of horrible but increasingly got better. ❤

Have you noticed?

Well if you haven’t, I changed my background AGAIN.  I feel like i change my background every couple months and if I were a reader I might be a little irritated.  IN mydefence I was getting sick of the old background.  It was sort of busy to me and I think that I have matured from that background. 

Tag Game

The Tag Game.  What a classic blogging game where you answer and ask questions and tag other blogs.  this would be my second time doing this but the first time i did it i posted using my phone and it was really complicated but now im on the computer and it should be easier and more fun for me. 🙂  So here are the rules:

Rules –

1. You must post the rules

2. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post

3. Create eleven new questions to ask the people you’ve tagged

4. Tag (eleven) people with a link to your post

5. Let them know they’ve been tagged

Seems simple enough doesnt it?  By the way Tearlily tagged me.  Check out her blog because shes super cool and her posts are awesome.  Idont chat much with the people whose blogs i read and those who read mine.  So the eleven people I tag are…..

Tearlily – She tagged me in this game and thats really nice of her so i tagged her!

The Mad Reviewer



Megan Stephenson


Rena’s Mind

Deeply Confusing, Highly Amusing

Ellie Ann


Now to answer some questions!  I’m especailly excited to answer questions now because i spent maybe an hour compiling that list of NINE blogs.  It mainly became an hour because as i was copying and pasting from the blogs I started reading the blogs and going through the pages and stuff.  I cant stay concentrated on anything… :\  And i was getting frustrated because i couldn’t figure out how to find the people who follow me.  So if you want to do just tell me and I’ll add you to the list and then I’ll get to know more people who follow me.  Not just the people i follow.

Tearlily’s Questions for Me

1. What is the first thing that you can remember wanting to be when you grew up? (i.e. Doctor, firefighter, ect.)

I wanted to be a fashion designer.  I was very open about it annd in first grade the girl who I thought was my best friend totally shut it down.  She was a big bad third grader and her opinion meant alot to me so it hurt me for a moment but I’m resiliant so I bounced back.  I always drew pictures of clothes and during church i would doodle outfits inspired by the church ladies clothes.

2.If you could plan out a perfect flaw-free day what would it be like and where?

I think that it would be super fun to go to a carnival on a pier with all of my best friends.  I want it to be specifically on a pier by a beach because then we can play on the beach when we finish at the carnival.  This carnival would not have any clowns but it would have classic rides such as the merry go round and ferris wheel.  I would win a ginormous teddy bear, so big i would need help carrying it.  THen, at the end of the day we would all sit on the beach talking and laughing ike a movie ending.

3.If you had to get a tattoo, what would you get and where and why?

I would get a small simple heart on the palm of my hand. I would do that because my friend used to do that everyday and she moved away so i started doing it and that reminds me of her.

4.What is your horoscope symbol and do you feel it means anything to you?

My horoscope symbol is Aries which is a goat or somethig.  I could care less about my horoscope.  I doesnt mean anything to me.

5.What is the craziest thing you have ever had to do or experience?

When I went to Washington DC  with my class the hotel room i was assigned already had people in it.  That irritated me alot.  And it was a crazy experiance.

6.If you could go anywhere at all in the world for an all expense paid vacation, where would you go and why?

Spain.  Spain is so beautiful and different from WisconsinTHe city itself is art.  But then again I’d love to go to Venice because I’ve read up alot about it and its a beautiful and mysterious city.

7. Are a glass half empty or glass half full type of person?

THe glass is entirely full.  One half liquid, one half air.

8.What is your most prized possession?

My high honor roll medal.  I got it for having a cumulative GPA over 3.5 over my four years of middle school. That felt great to get.

9. What is one aspect about yourself that you would never want to change?

That is a great question….  I wouldn’t change my eyes.  They are a plain brown but they have a nice shape i guess and i have fairy long eyelashes.

10. What is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for you?

A friend from my summer camp was surprised when I told him that I don’t have many friends at school.  He was like How?  Everyone at camp likes you and your great person.  That made my year.

11. What is the first movie or song that pops into your head while reading this question?

Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen.  I liked the song for a while but now its really over used and I’m getting sick of hearing.  The radio station plays it every ten minutes and it’s become an over used meme.


THis is the part you have all been waiting for. My questions!

1. If you were an animal what animal would you be and why?

2. What song, book, or movie do you feel that you relate to the most?  Why?

3. Tell an experiance where you had the most fun of your life.

4. Describe the last moment you were proud.

5.  What is your favorite flavor?  (of candy, ice cream, cake, ect)

6. If you were to discover a new animal what would you call it?  Why?  Describe this animal.

7. What is your third favorite color?

8. If you were stranded on an island what three things would you bring?

9. What is the weirdest place you’ve ever been to?

10. If you could trade places with any celebrity for a week who would you choose and why?

11. What is your favorite word for you to say?

What geniuses came up with this?

I’ve gone to Wendy’s twice in maybe the last couple years and those times were this week. What I dot get is why the burger which was already wrapped in a paper thing needed to be in a box. And not just any box, no no no. It looked like a more square French fry box. I feel that is so uneeded. Just give me the sandwich wrapped in the paper don’t try and be fancy. By trying to be fancy they are wasting trees. Now I would under stand if it was a closed box and the burger was sitting in the unwrapped but it was basically a French fry box. Open top with a wrapped burger in it. I have no idea why it bothered me so much but it did.

Waste of thirty seconds

So um. Hi. Gah. So what happens is Ill want to post something. But I won’t have anything to talk about. And then sometimes when I have an idea for a post or a list or a tutorial I won’t feel like it and forget it later. So this is a post I want to make but I don’t have anything to really talk about. Sorry for a waste of 30 seconds. Oh well. :).

I hope you had a great weekend and that you will have a great week.