66 Boredom Busters

I have compiled a list of things to do when you are bored. I tried to stray away from repeats and I did my best. Of course there are many other things to cure boredom but this is just a short list. Some of the ones that i personally do might end up on the blog. Tell me your favorite boredom busters!

1. Have a puppet show
2. Blow bubbles
3. Play cards
4. Write a poem
5. Write a song
6. Do a soduku puzzle
7. See how long you can hold your breath
8. Make a bucket list
9. Watch YouTube videos
10. Make up a dance
11. Draw
12. Watch a movie
13. Look up long words
14. Write a famous person an email or letter
15. Play video games
16. Make plans for a fake trip or a trip you wish to have one day
17. Record videos
18. Draw out clothing designs
19. Make a list of things that make you happy
20. Make random lists
21. Take pictures
22. Do a prank
23. Listen to music
24. Read a book
25. Listen to music you don’t normally listen to
26. Write a book
27. Start a secret language
28. Start a dream journal
29. Write a play
30. Do crafts
31. Text
32. Email or IM
33. Make a collage
34. Make a fake business call
35. Make a list of things you want
36. Learn how to do calligraphy
37. Make jewelry
38. Make a time capsule
39. Make a happiness shrine
40. Do a puzzle or a brain game
41. Make a comic book
42. Paint a portrait
43. Relax
44. Look for shapes in clouds
45. Make weird signs and post them around your neighborhood.
46. Take a nap
47. Do yoga
48. Clean your room
49. Get organized
50. Cook something
51. Learn magic tricks
52. Play board games
53. Make a board game
54. Daydream
55. Make a lip synching video
56. Make fake commercials
57. Rate passer bys
58. Make a mini movie
59. Sculpt with different things
60. Draw on anything but paper
61. Make a documentary
62. Get a penpal
63. Just browse stores online or in person
64. Solve a mathematical equation
65. Write inspirational notes and leave them in public places for others
66. Write a blog


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