How to make a coded written language

Have you ever wanted to write notes to your friends with out anyone else knowing what they say? Well then, that is quite a coincidence because I have a solution. Just make a secret language that only you two can read and understand. This is not necessarily for speaking though.

First, think of a word. Any word. If it doesn’t repeat letters that is the best. My word is FRIEND. The shorter the word the easier.


If your word had repeats then take out the repeating letters until it doesnt repeat. The word I used for this example is SCHOOLS. I took out the second O and S.


Then, write out the rest of the alphabet but skipping the letters in your word. If it doesn’t fit on one line, skip a line and continue with the alphabet.


After that, put the alphabet, in it’s real order, under the other letters. Make sure it lines up. I used markers to differentiate each set of letters.


Now, make a couple copies of your code translator. Yeah, that’s what I’ll call it. And you can hand it out to your friends. You can rewrite it multiple times or just photo copy it.
Here’s the fun part. Making the words. Let’s say I wanted to make the words SCHOOL, FRIEND, FUN, and MALL, in my written code. Find the letter you want and slide up. That’s the letter you get.


And that’s all there is to it! You can use any word if it’s under 26 letters. I hope I made it clear enough that you could easily follow along. If you need any extra clarification just comment and I will explain that part to you more specifically. Good luck!


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