40 Babysitting Ideas

Do you babysit? I do, and I like to do more than plop the kids in front of the tv. Parents love if you do at least a few things constructive with their kids. And the kids love it too! So therefore, I have compiled a list of things that you can do with the kids while babysitting. These things are great for all ages!

1. Make little books
2. Coloring sheets
3. Read a story
4. Make cookies
5. Make play doh, then play with it
6. Sing silly songs
7. Draw a picture
8. Make puppets
9. Puppet show
10. Make up stories
11. Watch a movie
12. Make masks
13. Have a theme and have your activities revolve around that theme
14. Hand games
15. Put on a show or skit
16. Play with toys
17. Build a fort
18. Indoor picnic
19. Origami
20. Make costumes
21. Make cards
22. Play board games
23. Freeze dance
24. Make hats
25. Make up songs or raps
26. Play pretend or make believe
27. Make a puzzle
28. Guessing game
29. Video games
30. Make a board game
31. Play catch
32. Play soccer
33. Shoot some hoops
34. Make a picture frame
35. Silly I’d cards
36. Tie dye t shirts
37. Crafts
38. Made up dictionary
39. Play a sport
40. Dress up


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