Tell me what you think

I love to make duct tape flowers on pens. That is one of my passions, and I’m pretty good at it. So usually I sell them for about two dollars. My aunt was going to ‘advertise’ them at the school she works at. Basically tell people about it and get orders. Last night when she came over, she said I might need someone to help me make them because she’ll probably get alot of orders. So I said yeah okay. And thought about asking my buddy Sara to help. That’s the first part.
A month or so ago I started a charity like thing called Crayons 4 Kids. It’s point was to basically donate money to the local Childrens hospital that would go towards toys and books in their playroom. To make the kids happy.
So, the point is, that I would teach my friend, Sara, how to make the pens. And we would walk to Walgreens and sell them outside of there. All of the money would go to the hospital. So, I want to know, what do you think of my idea for raising money?





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