Aaah!! I’m back…

So, I haven’t posted in a while but I have a legit reason. My wordpress app was being wacky so I deleted it and redownloaded it. Then I realized something. What was my password? I had totally forgotten it and couldn’t figure out how to reset it via app. I finally looked online and food a link that would reset my password. And here I am! New password, same person! Alot of stuff has happened in the time missed. I won’t go over it though.
Guess what? Today is Turkey Day!! Thanksgiving!! I had the family come over my house and the adults had a blast as it seems. Me, being the great older cousin, basically babysat my younger cousins all night. Fun, sort of. My brother was nowhere to be seen most of the night because he was in our parents room watching tv. Totally bogus because I had to hang out with the little kids all night. They are terrible listeners and one of them was incredibly bossy. Lol. But that’s little kids I guess. My stomach is full of good food and soda. How was your thanksgiving? The guys (besides my brother) all sat and watched football while the ladies sat and talked. Excluding me of course because I was playing a jacked up version of Sorry. I can’t complain though. It was an overall good night.
I’m thankful for alot of things. And not just today, everyday. I’m thankful for God and Jesus. I’m thankful for my loving family and friends. I’m thankful for food on the table every night. I’m thankful for a house to live in. I’m thankful for another day to live and all of the joy in my life. Im thankful for those who have made a change in my life and altered history for good changes. I’m thankful to be an American and have all of the freedoms and advantages that I have. All of these things are privileges that not everyone has.
I’m back to posting regularly as of today, so get ready world! Alyssa is older, wiser, and awesome as always. Stay gold ponyboy, stay gold.


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