Favorite Apps: CraftGawker

I love apps. I have a mini obsession with them. But a very sad session happened where I had to delete over half of my 60+ apps to make space for music. Which is something that most definitely trumps apps. I chose my favorite apps and kept them. The rest were deleted. So, out of my favorite apps, here is one of my favorites. Craftgawker is an app that I recommend for any crafters, photographers, and basically everyone. It’s very simple and is great for inspiration, DIY, an all things creative.


That screenshot is what you will see when you first open up the app. Next, you will see all of the latest things posted on the app from different bloggers.


When you tap one of them, it takes you to a larger view of the picture and a short description from the blogger.


Tap on it again and your taken to the blog from which the picture is from. This app is really cool and it let’s you have favorites. Just tap on the little heart on the bottom of the screen and it’s added to your favorites. That’s convenient if you want to do that project later or want to show a certain painting to a friend. As I said earlier, im obsessed with the app and often check for the latest things on it. I have 1,892 favorites. :).


My only suggestion is to be able to categorize my favorites. Because somethings I use for when I babysit and others to be inspired by. It’d be awesome if I could find the different ones in my favorites easier because of categories. There is a search though, but it’s not exclusively for favorites. This is by far one of my favorite apps. I love it and I stumble through cool crafts and ideas that I would have never seen without this app. <3. You should totally get it. It’s simple and easy to use.  Craftgawker also has a website!!  The website is pretty much the same as the app.  Its: http://craftgawker.com/


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