That Awkward Moment When…

We all have those moments. When we say or do something awkward. Or maybe the other person does something awkward and you don’t know what to do then. Well, I’ll give you some awkward moment situations and advice on what to do when you are a midst one. Ready? Set. Go!
(Awkward moments from: myself and

That awkward moment when the automatic door doesn’t open for you.
This seems to be a common enough problem. First, look around to make sure no one saw you. If you were spotted walking into the automatic doors then its time for action. Play it off cooly as you take a couple steps back so the door sensor sees you and opens the door.

That awkward moment when you walk into the restroom of the opposite gender.
Make sure no one saw you. (this step is often useful) then walk around for a minute or so and go into the correct bathroom. If there were people in the bathroom, say hi and exit.
That awkward moment when Microsoft Word informs you that you’ve spelt you name wrong.
Make a witty remark to belittle Microsoft Word such as,” or so you thought, my less competent typing utensil.” Be sure to say it very proudly. Then, spellcheck your name and add it to the dictionary. Feel free to add other words such as broski and poppin’.
That awkward moment when you show something really funny to someone and they don’t find it funny.
This is a tougher one. Keep laughing and mention something about people having different opinions on different things.
That awkward moment when it’s suddenly silent and everyone is just waiting for someone to say “awkward.”
Say it first. Be the first one to say “awkward” and continue on with your conversation.
That awkward moment when there is no more tissue on the roll.
Use paper towel. But think, what would McGyver do?


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