Lucky me

I literally went from like one view to 83 to 3 views. Coolio. And the only reason I had 83 views was because I put my blog on stumbleupon. I actuAlly recommend that for other people. Yuppp. The more views I get the better I feel about it. But I don’t even know if they liked it or not because no one out of those 83 people cared to leave a cment or do a poll. Thank you. And Rena left a comment the day before. Actually, I have like one vote on a couple of the polls I made. Hooray!! Let’s throw a parade!!! I’m not one to complain, but really? Really? Show some common courtesy. Thank you. By the way, right now, I don’t give a care how many views I get. I might tomorrow, but right now, I don’t. Now I’m going to bed. So good night. Sweet dreams. Don’t let the bed bugs bite. Seriously. U could get sick from those.



2 thoughts on “Lucky me

  1. Hmm… That’s happened to me before. For different reasons though. It was all JA’s fault. Now thanks to him I get about 15 viewers a day. I did the voting the other day.

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