Seven Paper Men

Chapter 1- Jubilee

When I asked him, he set the package down and looked me in the eyes. 

“It’s a package for me.  That’s all.  I don’t even know what it is.”  My plaid pajama pants and t-shirt seemed inappropriate next to Jared’s suit and tie. 

“Hop back in bed Jube.  It’s late,” he replied. Jared treats me like I’m eight.  He’s not my dad or anything.  I rolled my eyes and trudged down the hallway.  What could that package have been?  The last door on the left hid my room behind it.  I layed face up on my bed to look at the mural painted on the ceiling.  It was there before we moved in. I closed my eyes and  had a weird dream.  I was picturing my family the best I could.  It was missing pieces, like an impossible jigsaw puzzle.  The image was blurry.  I saw me and Jared, we were smiling and Jared looked happier.  Next to us were two people.  There were pieces and bits of them that were foggy.  I’d like to think that it was a family picture.   So I’m sitting at too small children’s table trying to find the pieces on the floor and… And…  I forget what happens after that.  But next thing I know, I’m back in my bed, fast asleep.

 The next morning, Jared is at the table eating cereal in his favorite Superman pajama pants and a white t-shirt and I come trudging in.  That made me confused.  Didn’t Jared leave the house in a suit late last night?  He sat there looking almost, normal.  The package wasn’t on the counter, like I was sure it would be. 


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