Someone’s got it worse….

I guess that sometimes we think that everyone’s life is fine or better than our own. Or maybe we know of some bad things in their life but overlook it. My friend just posted something that made me think. Her life is really jacked up. And when I read it again, I remembered that she had told me all of these terrible things that have happened. But I refuse to look at the crappy side of life and remain positive. So I basically blocked out all of those things. And my life…. My life… It’s been great. Nothing to bad has happened to me. Sure I’ve had family members die and random car crashes, but nothing to terrible. In fact, I’m extremely blessed. My family is healthy, loving and supportive. I’ve never broken a bone in my body. I live in a great suburb and I love my home. My friends are some of the greatest friends in the world and I’ve gotten so many opportunities to do the things I love. A frienemy of mine has some jacked up stuff going on with him as well. His dad cheats on his mom. And his dad takes him to his lovers house to watch tv with her son. How messed up is that? I know people who have maybe five or ten half siblings with different mothers or fathers. There are some who do drugs in my grade! Eighth grade, 13 yrs old doing drugs! Or some people who have parents who have abandoned them or act more like a bad friends that a real parent. Some of them just have to grow up to fast, while I get to act my age. Like a young teenager just going through life. Doing normal teenager stuff besides dating. Lol. (my mother says no dating til 30. I’m sure she’s joking.). You could basically compare my life to a boring stereo-typical American teen movie. Which sux. I really have it good and it pains me to see people who have caught the wrong side of the stick. My friends post:

hi my name is ______… i love to watch glee..and i hate ppl that lie.. i am the girl no one really likes…. i never really like to be my self around ppl…. i am a very shy person…. i dont like when ppl come up be hind meh and scare meh… my dad died when i was 3 and my mom is not around… my oldest sister left meh and i miss her… i fight with my other sister but that is only cuz i love her… i am ALWAYS scared of getting hurt by ppl i love…. i dont like to trust ppl cuz they always show meh y i should not…. i really do care if ppl like meh or not… and i am always left with no one to talk to when i need them…. and i hate when ppl look at what i am doing behind my back….. and that is the real meh 😦

Did you read it? Read it again. Soak it up in your brain. It is quite possible that your life is worse than hers. In fact it is very likely that it is because there is always someone doing worse than you. But some of it I relate to. I tell everyone that I dont care what others think. Which is mostly sort of true. I care what people think more than I let on. But I’m very dependent on people. But once you lose my trust that I gave you from the beginning, it’s hard to get it back. It sux to be by myself when I’m around people. I’m only really confident and myself around close friends and family. Otherwise I might seem a tad bit shy. It definitely ticks me off when people watch what I’m doing from behind me. Or if I’m on the bus and someone is watching what I’m doing on my phone. Especially when I text. Well, that’s all for now. I hope you got as much from her post as I did. Maybe you didn’t. Or maybe you got more out of it. I don’t know. You can comment about it if you want. Or you can keep it to yourself and personally dwell on it. I dont care. But it’s time for me to go back to the sun. Away from the darkness and truth that I’ve been shielded from for most of my life. My mother always told me that movies aren’t real. But sometimes they are. And they could depict someone’s life.


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