No jeans to Church

This is a subject that I’m quite curious about. My mom has a strict rule for when we go to Sunday morning and Friday night service. No pants. As some have told me, its not lady like and it’s disrespectful to wear pants to church. Why isn’t it lady like? Not to long ago, women protested for the right to do things that men do, which includes wearing pants. An now that we have that freedom, it is restricted? I guess there I took it a little bit out of context but it’s true. For some people it might not bother them to have to wear a skirt or dress. But it bothers me because I’m not that kind of person. I wear pants year round. Even in the hot summer weather. On the flipside, I sort of see the reason. Sort of. Do we need to dress up for church service to honor God? I don’t understand what difference it makes.
Also, why is it disrespectful? In fact, who is it disrespectful to? It’s not disrespectful to God because he says, “Come as you are.” It shouldn’t bother anyone else because who cares about what others say? I sure don’t. (most of the time.) plus, as my pastor often says, “church is not for you to be entertained, it’s for the glory of God.” I agree with that. Why should we dress up for a fashion show, which is more distracting than normal clothes, instead of everyday, street clothes?


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