Seven Paper Men

“Good Mornin’ Jubie Cube.  I thought you’d be up a little earlier,” said Jared with a slight undertone of sarcasm.

            “Hahaa, Jared.  Where were you all night?  I hadn’t realized you were gone until I heard the door open last night,” I replied.

            “I should have remembered that you were a light sleeper.  I took an extra night shift at work and forgot to tell you about it.  Sorry.  The boss needs me to help train a new employee.”

            “Then what was with the package?  And the mysteriousness?”  That made Jared flinch for a moment.  He played it off well, but I still noticed it.  Jared then poured more Frosted Flakes like I hadn’t said anything, but then he finally responded.

            “What?  I didn’t have a package with me when I came home.”

            “I’m pretty sure you did,” I shot back.

            “Jubes, you were tired, and half awake when I walked in last night.  How could you tell a package from, let’s say, the leftover food I had?  Or a cake?”

            “We have cake?  Where?”

            “No, but it was just an example,” said Jared.  I guess he’s right.  Just waking up in the middle of the night does alter your senses. He is being a little suspicious this morning though.  I’ve always wondered what Jared does for a living, although every time I bring it up he ignores the question or changes the subject.  Since then, I’ve decided to quit asking.  It doesn’t really do any good to pester him.  I was still standing in the doorway so I decided to make myself some eggs.  Jared can’t cook, so its usually up to me to do that. As I’m putting the eggs on the stove, Jared looks at me and shakes his head.  I know what that look means.  It means that if he could have waited or I would have woken up earlier, he would have had a hot breakfast.  I smile and continue on.


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