Seven Paper Men

We sit together at the table in silence, eating. Our meals are usually like that. That leaves us to our own personal thought and inner workings. Jared’s usually kind of a inside guy. Well, that’s not the right way to put it. Jared likes to think. And I’d hate to think that I’m disturbing him while he’s in deep thought. Therefore, the silence goes on. That leaves me to think of about different things, like school, or my family, or anything really.

Today, my thought topic is Jared. I’m pretty sure there was a package. There isn’t one on the counter anymore though, so I’m really confused now. Would Jared lie to me? What would have been in that box? If there was a box anyways. Let me recap last night: I heard the door and I woke up. Then, I walked into the kitchen, which is where the back door is and saw Jared just closing the door. I remember a few yawns and a bit of conversation. I looked straight at whatever was in Jared’s hand and then he put it on the counter. After that, I went back to bed. At this point, I am positive that it was a box or package. Why would Jared Ever lie to me?

“Jared, can we talk?”

“Sure. What about,” he said? That made me think. What do I even want to talk about? I want to ask Jared about the box from last night. That might not be a safe subject though.


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