This will be a fairly quick post unless I start going into a rant. Sooo, right now I am currently procrastinating from doing my algebra, studying for a huge test, and finishing my grammar packet. I’m sort of sick so if I were to say this post outloud, it’d sound weird and you’d hear continuos blowing of my nose. But curiously, I don’t have a fever. My only other symptom is a headache which was caused by my brother screaming just to annoy me. Today, I came across a few realizations.
•one of my favorite songs “turn it off” by Paramore is about suicide. That was a little awkward to figure out. Then I started thinking, does this mean that I subliminally want to kill myself? I’m pretty content with life right now.

The lyrics: And the worse part is, that before it gets any better we’re heading for a cliff. And in the freefall I, will realize, that I’m better off when I hit the bottom.”

To me that means “when I hit the bottom I’ll be dead and everything will be better.”. What do you think? Now that I think about it, the whole song is basically a suicide note directed at no one in particular.

•my second realization: today in Science, we learned about kinetic and potential energy. The xbox kinect is called kinect based off of kinetic energy! Because kinetic energy is any moving energy (basically). And the kinect is about movement with out a controller basically. It picks up you kinetic energy!!!! Yeah, I’m so raw cuz I made that connection. Awww yeah.

•third realization: This morning, I couldn’t breathe out of my nose. It was because of inflammation, not snot. I realized that because I kept blowing my nose and nothing was happening. Yupp.

Yuppp. There might not be a new peice of “Seven Paper Men” tomorrow. I have to remind myself to post it on here after I type it in Microsoft Word. I might not have enough time, but let’s cross our fingers and hope!!! Okay, so this was a Not the shortest post, I lied. I fibbed, as my friend says, I told a story. Oh well. It was my anticipation to keep it short and simple so I could get back to my homework. I guess you could say I’m stalling. But seriously, I’ve got lots to do, so Asta la bye bye. Homework calls!!


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