Seven Paper Men

Chapter 2- Jared

“Shh, Mikey,” I said. As we climb through the air vents, we can hear a man speaking to someone. These air-vent are incredibly big, but Mikey is making too much noise climbing through them. I knew I shouldn’t have brought him on this mission. The Ceannaire often sends me on retrieving missions because I move in and out quickly and quietly. This time, the Ceannaire told me to bring Mikey, a new guy. It went fine for the most part, I just had him keep watch while I collected the files. When it was time to leave though, he started being a little clumsy.

Eventually, we see the exit and sneak out. I’m happy to be out of those air vents with him because he gave off a few silent but deadly farts. I end up climbing out if the vent coughing.

“So, what’d we get,” Mikey asked? You see, this is how I can tell that he has just gotten into the business.

“What’d we get? Is that what you asked me,” I replied sarcastically?

“Yeah, I didn’t studder,” Mikey shot back.

“Obviously you haven’t read the handbook, because if you did, you would have known,” I said.

“It says what that file is?”

“No, stupid. It says ‘Don’t ask, won’t tell. We are not supposed to ask for any extra information on a mission. And we wouldn’t get any information if we asked anyways. We are not allowed to look at the files retrieved or know any personal information on the customer or the people we are taking from,” I said. That was a mouthful.

After that Mikey didn’t ask anymore questions.


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