Road trip

Hi. Nice to see you again. What’s up? Oh really? That’s cool. What’s up with me? Oh well, it’s the day after Christmas. That’s something. Anddd, my family are going on a road trip. Where to? Oh we are just going to visiit my grandpa and my great gramps in Indiana for a day. Then […]

Merry Christmas

I know I haven’t been posting in a while bit things have been hectic during the Holiday season. I was just about to go to bed when I remembered that I really need to say Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy Kwanza. Happy Chrisazaka!!!!! (all of them put together). If you celebrate something else like […]

My favorite youtubers

My favorite youtubers!! I know you all want to know who they are!! It’s in no particular order. btw. These are the YouTube channels. 1. Nigahiga 2. Annoying orange 3. KevJumba 4. Funnylittleartist 5. Thebroandthesis 6. Alphacat 7. Thelonelyisland 8. Improveverywhere 9. Ijustine 10. KurtHugoSchnieder 11. Rhettandlink 12. ViHart 13. theDominicshow


Yeah I know I haven’t posted I a while. Oh well. I’m here now aren’t I? And that’s all that matters. I love you. I just felt that yo needed something a little inspirational o think about. I doubt I know who you are but I love you nonetheless. Now that that’s out of the […]