Good friends making bad choices

So last night I was up all night trying to talk my friend out of doing drugs. Otherwise I would have posted last night but I was too tired. So my best friend (Sara, who is the same age as me) has decided to start using weed. At her new school, everyone drinks and gets high. So she’s decided to join in o their stupidity. So last night I ordered her to stop smoking. I wasn’t with her so I don’t know if she’s actually stopped. I trust her though. Well, I hope I can. Because quitting drugs isn’t as easy as stopping eating a cookie. Also, her boyfriend broke up with her yesterday only to start going out with her best friend from her new school. That made me so mad. Why the heck would he do that? I want to meet him and tear his heart out like he did to Sara. He makes me so pissed off. And she still really likes him after what he did!!!!! Ugh.


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