Stupid history homework….

I’m having a hard time doing my history homework because I’m getting angry at the people who lived hundreds of years ago for treating slaves like property. I’m like, Really? Slves are just people of a different skin color. We r all the same. And weren’t ppl back then really religious? The bible says that all men are created equal. so did that mean “all men besides black people are created equal” to them? Stupid people… Grr. Good thing some people had some common sense and ended all of that mess. We learn from our mistakes and remain hopeful that we don’t make them again. But seriously, slaves were just property or goods to them and that makes me angry. Everyone is worth more than that and they deserved to be treated like it. I wonder if people in Africa hate American for that. I wonder if they wonder about the slave trade and the thirteen colonies…. Still upset at the stupidity of the people in the past.


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