Loud music

What am I doing? I’m listening to obscenely loud music by Paramore. Who just so happens to be my favorite band. I’m lip arching along and dancing around. If I sang along, I’d be singing loud enough to hear myself and my neighbors wouldn’t like that much. Not that I’m a bad singer though. I’m actually a great singer, not to boast or anything though. Lol today was quite the interesting day. Mainly for the bad, not good. It all started around social studies which is my second to las class. One of my Asian friends is dating this dude who I’m nit crazy about. I think he’s a player. So during class, him and some other guys are making jokes about different people and laughing. Of course since they are teenage boys, mos of their jokes are racist, sexist, or are just referring to looks. The guy took it too far and called his girlfriend Chinky. That made her upset and she was crying for the rest of the school day pretty much. This made me really upset. I mean, why the heck would you make a racist joke about your GIRLFRIEND. She did not find it funny and neither do I. I’m thinking about some ways to get him back. I don’t allow people messing with my friends. I don’t like thT one bit. So if there are any harmless, legal, suggestions, I am open. Also, I know where he lives because he’s on my bus. Yup. NEVER PLAY WITH A BLACK GIRL’S FRIENDS. That’s sort of a stereotype but it’s true regarding me. So yahh. Byeee


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