seven Paper Men

(I know I haven’t posted much of the story lately but i can only post it when im on my laptop which isnt often…. Thats because I use my phone when I post and I type the section into Word before I post it on here.)



.  We drove to Headquarters in silence.  It was an awkward thirty minute drive and it was getting late.  I parked the car down the street and then we got out.  Headquarters under a small strip mall and there is an agent working in each shop.  That way, we can get into Headquarters from whichever of the shops we choose.  They are specialized Entry Agents who are the only ones who can open the hidden doors.  Unless your specially trained in it like me. I go on missions, open entry doors, research, and tons of other stuff. 

You see, I’ve been in this business since I was five.  My parents were spies and they got me into it.  When Jubilee was born they agreed that they didn’t want her in our business.  Once your in it its hard to get back out.  Our parents disappeared when I was ten, so it was up to me to take care of the both of us with the help of fellow agents once in a while.  Being a spy pays well and I don’t think that Jubilee suspects anything.  I’ll tell her about it when the time is right.  For now all I want her to worry about is school. 

Mikey and I walked into our Ceannaire’s office with the files. 

“Good job, boys,” he said, “How did Mikey do on his first mission?”

“Fine Sir,” I replied.

“Good, good.  Michael is starting out late and we are deciding on which department to put him in.”  Mikey did a small cough to make sure we remembered that he was still in the room.  I shook my head and thought, bad move.  Mikey obviously didn’t get it and the Ceannaire looked over at him and smiled.

“Michael, dear boy.  I have a new mission for you,” our Ceannaire spoke.  Mikey perked up a little bit.  I knew what was about to happen and I kept my straight face even though I wanted to laugh at him.

“Jared, please take Michael to the offices so that he can start on paperwork,” he said.  Mikey’s perkiness fell flat and I gave him a smirk.  He replied with an angry glare.  Mikey and I changed into our suits, I led him down the hallway to the offices.  I got him situated and found him an open cubicle.  Right on cue, another agent gave him a large stack of papers.  Then she said welcome to the team.

“Feel free to personalize you space.  And ask as many questions as you need to.  Everyone in this department will be happy to answer them,” I told him sarcastically.  I then waved to a few buddies and went back to see the Ceannaire.

“He is gone now, Jared.  Tell me how you really think he did,” he said.


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