Yeah I know I haven’t posted I a while. Oh well. I’m here now aren’t I? And that’s all that matters. I love you. I just felt that yo needed something a little inspirational o think about. I doubt I know who you are but I love you nonetheless.
Now that that’s out of the way, don’t give up on my blog!!!! I post when I can. Hectic has kind of become my middle name. Also I’m a little embarrassed to post on here in front of my parents or in public. But this weekend I had a mini epiphany. I didn’t go on a magical journey through my mind or anything like that. I just kind of came up with it. I DON’T CARE WHAT PEOPLE THINK OF ME. I’ve been saying this for the longest but now it’s true.
So guess what? I made a cute scarf out of a t shirt and I’m going to wear it to school tomorrow. And I won’t care what people think. I didnt follow the directions completely but whatever. The way I made it was do the beginning to making t shirt yarn. Then, instead of cutting the middle part to separate them, I just kept that all together and scrunched that part up. Then I bleached the hem, cut it so it’ll be a line and tied it around the main middle part. Idk if that is clear or makes sense though.
And I’ll wear my paper clip earrings because I don’t care what people think anymore. Last time I wore them it was fifth grade and someone asked why I was wearing garbage on my ears. I took them off later that day and have yet to put them back on. So yeah. I also bought a cute infinity scarf from old navy yesterday so I’ll wear that on Tuesday. I’m going to wear my duct tape flower ring as well cuz I don’t give a crap what people think of it. Even thoug it is very cute and I got lots of complements on it at church today. 8th graders aren’t as nice as church folk.
I don’t care what the HATERZ think anymore!!!! Words don’t hurt me anymore! Geez, it’s exhilarating.
So today after church I was going around selling my pens to pay for my grade’s Washington DC trip. I sold all 7 of them and have 17 orders!!! Sooo happy!!!! Aww yeauuuh!! I’m making over a hundred dollars from this weeks sales and pre orders!!!! And a wonderful lady donated 50 dollars!! She made my day!!! She also volunteered to publish the children’s book I wrote. I won third place I the state for it!! Yeah. It’s POPPIN!!!! I’m goin on that trip with a little pocket money. :).
That’s all for now my little ones. I’m currently procrastinating my essay due tomorrow. I better get to work!

Inspiration for scarf:


How to make t shirt yarn:


Me with my scarf on:


Just my Scarf:


My Flower Ring:


Examples of my Pens:



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