Road trip

Hi. Nice to see you again. What’s up? Oh really? That’s cool. What’s up with me? Oh well, it’s the day after Christmas. That’s something. Anddd, my family are going on a road trip. Where to? Oh we are just going to visiit my grandpa and my great gramps in Indiana for a day. Then on the way back home we are going to go to Chicago for a day. It’ll be fun. Yeah, my grandpa is doing fine but my great grandpa is sick. Oh please don’t say that. I appreciate but don’t really Want your sympathy. No offense. I’m sure that he will be fine if we just keep praying for him. Well how was your Christmas? Fine, you say? I agree. My Christmas was awesome but there was no snow. Here in Wisconsin, there was a snowless Christmas. That made me sad. It hasn’t really snowed much at all here. It snowed maybe two or three light times. I miss the Wisconsin snow. I know some people who are happy about the lack of snow but if you don’t like snow, then you shouldn’t live in Wisconsin. Do you know what I mean? Has it snowed at your place? Oh, that’s cool. Right now it’s nice and sunny which makes me annoyed. I want to see snowstorms and ice. I think we are not having snow because of global warming. It’s real alright. Polar bears are Not going to have a home soon. If ALL of that ice melts then there will be alot of land going underwater and cities and countries away from the shore will become more condensed. I’m worried about the state of the earth. All of the pollution we are making is making our atmosphere thinner. Animals are losing homes due to many peoples selfishness. Forests are being cut down by the hundreds. If there are no trees then we run out of carbon dioxide which let’s us breathe. The earth is in a very fragile balance. What’s that? I think I hear my mom. We can finish our conversation later. Bye. Talk to you later. 🙂


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