Paint chips!

Hi there! I’m in a fairly good mood today. So yesterday my day was boring and all but I forgot to mention something. My parents painted a wall and my mom and I went to the paint store to get the paint. I got a whole bunch of paint chips. I’ve seen some really cool projects on Craftgawker and Pininterest that use paint chips. So I grabbed a bunch of them that I liked and some that my mom liked. Right now, I’m busy cutting them up into triangles to make a banner. And I’m going to use the scraps to make a picture or something. I’ll think of something. I love paint chips. They’re so pretty and I love the names. I an in love with color. :). I think that when I grow up I want to be a person that names paint color. That would be fun but It might get boring after a bit. Oh well. Here’s a pic of my progress so far:


Yeah. And also, I was a victim to some racism. Well really, it was my baby cousin. I have an app Called Thumb aka Opinionated. it’s pretty much where you ask the public questions and stuff. I asked everyone if they liked babies. I included a picture of my baby cousin Chloe. Someone asked me if she was black and I said yeah, she’s mixed. Guess what he said!!! He said EW. That made me so upset. Like really? How is someone still a racist in the 21st century? African Americans have made many advances for society and it’s pretty widely recognized that each race, ethnicity, and religion are equal. Black people are the same as white people except a different color. I was so angry at that dude. Especially since it was directed at my cousin. My five month old cousin. So yeah.
Happy new years eve! I’ll share my new year resolutions tomorrow. 🙂


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