My three resolutions

Okay hi, I’m keeping a promise to you and myself right now. My new years resolution is to post every single day. No matter how tired or sleepy I am at the current moment I will post before the day is done. And for a lot of you the day is already done. You might be in your bed sleep or something. I don’t know.
So for the last twenty minutes I have been going to every computer in the house trying to get my report to print and none of them wants to work. My story on the life of a slave is due tomorrow. My mom says its pretty good and it’s 11 pages long. It’s only 11 pages cuz its double spaced though. Otherwise it would be six.
My other new years resolution is to post something creative or artistic each day. Whether its a poem, a picture, or anything as long as I categorize it as creative. Lol. Yup.
My other new years resolution is to learn how to do a push up. I could not do a push up to save my life and every year we have a fitness test. As a part of that test, we have to do as many push ups as we can. Usually I just cheat and do some failed ones a couple times. Last test I got seven “push ups”. Note the quotation marks. They mean that I didn’t actually do any and that is the score I told my teacher I got. Yup. My goal now is ten REAL push ups. Ha. I doubt I’ll get one. I’ll get ten “push ups” though.
Well, it’s time for me to go to sleep now. I’ve had a long tiring day of doing nothing and writing my report. So yeah. Sweet dreams. And HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!


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