Blogging let’s me Procrastinate

What the title says is true. Ive got Algebra, Social studies, LA, and I need to start on a science project. Fun right? The other thing is that my slave report isn’t due Til the 20. I was very upset at this fact. He extended the deadline because apparently he didn’t realize that he assigned it over break. And he doesn’t like to give homework over breaks or weekends so he extended the deadline by twenty days. So the six out of twenty five of us that turned it in today get extra credit. That was a plus.
Also, my grade. We got our progress reports today and I’ve got five B’s and and two A’s. For me, that is terrible. Usually I get mostly A’s and my parents are fairly strict on grades. So I’m working to get those grades up.
My creative thing:




I know the comic is sloppy but I’m not really in the mood to make a decent looking one. This comic is based off of a true story. Except it was my hair and my friends have been bothering me about him ever since it happened. Ughhhh. A comic is artistic/ creative. Yupppp
* Names changed to protect identities.


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