I hope I win the bet

Hey everybody. I accidentally deleted yesterday’s post. So yeah. I did post yesterday though. Lol. I’m doing homework right now. I had a decent day. I hate to go all 8th grade soap box on you but me and my friend made a bet. There’s this guy who’s been hinting that he likes her. So I made a bet that if he asks her out TOMORROW then I will tell my long time crush that I like him. Yup.
Soap box over. Creative thing:

This is a poem I am writing as I go:

This guy makes my heart flutter
Around him I don’t stutter
I don’t want to look like a fool
If I lose this bet at school
But if I tell him I will be free
And my nervousness will leave me
If my friend gets asked out
Then my feelings I will have to let out
If I lose I won’t tell him where everyone can look
I’ll tell him over Facebook.

The end. Thx, I hope tht u thought the poem was decent. If not, oh well.


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