Teen soap box

I know I know, I wouldn’t want to read a blog about someone’s problems either. But I have to vent somehow, k? Thx, your a great listener. So remember that bet I made? Well I won and I didn’t have to tell my crush anything. To make this easier on myself, I’m going to tell you that my crush’s nickname is Barney. We call him that do we can talk about him with out anyone knowing.
So I win the bet, yadda, yadda, yadda. And then my friend Nijeria says that she was talking to him and a few other people and that he called me ugly. When she told me I laughed. Cuz I was like. That’s it? Cuz before she told me she was acting like it was some big horrible thing. I thought he called me a curse word or something. But no he just called me ugly.
And that highlight is that I supposedly don’t like him anymore. I stopped liking him at the end of seventh grade when he laughed when a guy called me fat. So yeah. But sometimes when I’m around him i think wow, I like him. But when he opens his mouth it all goes down the drain. And plus, I liked him the most in sixth and fifth grade probably cuz I didn’t know him that well and because he seemed like a cool guy. But when I started talking to him all that came out was immaturity and stupidity. He was cuter when I didn’t know him. Smh.
Also, now he is dating a friend of mine. She doesn’t know I used to like him though. We aren’t that close. If Nijeria would have won the bet my day really would have been jacked up. It would go like this:
Guys asks Nijeria out
She so wins bet
Barney tells her I’m ugly
I confess my previous love to him
She tells me he called me ugly
He dates my friend

That is a very jacked up day. :(. But anyways. He is a douche. I can leave him open for the stupid girls. Besides my friend. She isn’t stupid and she is my friend. It was her stupid choice to date him. So yeah. There’s your teen soap box for today ladies and gentlemen. Cool right?
And the ironic thing is that I always give my friends relationship advice when they need it. I’ve never had a boyfriend. But I do read a lot of teen fiction novels.
My creative thing today is another poem:

Dear dude
Grow up
Grow a couple
Grow some brain cell
And if u hurt my friend….
Well let’s just say it won’t be a happy ending for you
Dont hurt her like the last one did
Oh, and by the way, I used to have a huge crush on you
You missed out on something good, ME
Yours Never,

My poem was more like a hate, threat, and love letter. I’m just so creative that I can create a new type of poem. Yeahhhh dawg. Lol. Good night all of you beautiful people!!

Ps, douchey guys are a waste of time.


One thought on “Teen soap box

  1. I had to find out what happened with the bet. I can totally relate to your situation with this type of guy. I’ve known one. Don’t let it get to you though. He just called you ugly and it’s not like guys are a really reliable source.

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