Lucid Dreaming

I really want to learn how to lucid dream. My friend Nijeria just does it. She can control everything in her dreams. A weird thing is that she recently had a dream that she couldn’t control. It was her married to a guys she likes and they had kids and she was a housewife. I was married to a tall mixed dude who was blurry I guess I had two kids that I had adopted. I was also a successful buisness woman Then my other friend, Ahsha, was a famous Flutist and she was married to the boyfriend she has now.
She says that it’s a sign becaus she couldn’t control that dream so it might come true. If it came true that would be ultra cool. So now, I really want to lucid dream. I did a lot of research on it last year and kind of gave up on it. But now I really want to try again because itd be cool to go to the future and control my life. If you have any tips on how to, they are greatly appreciated.

Creative thing:


It’s the house that I drew for my science poster. This is only the hose. I didn’t take a picture of it with the text boxes and the words. Yup. Good night and wish me luck!!!


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