So tired

Hey, I’m really tired right now. And I’ve got junk going on now.
1. My friend Sara and I have stopped talking because she is obsessed over some dude and is willing to loose a second friend over him.
2. I got a new book! It’s one that I’ve been waiting for for a couple months now. And now I have it! This isn’t junk, this is actually good. The book is called So Silver Bright by Lisa Mantchev and it’s the third book in the Eyes Like Stars series.
3. Remember my mystery husband from Nijeria’s dreams? I might not have told you but oh we’ll. Well the dude turns out to be Barney! Isn’t that messed up!! According to her dream, she marries popcorn, Ahsha marries Nathan, and I have to marry the douchebag Barney. Ugh. Oh well. Let’s hope that part doesn’t come true.
4. My afternoon has been so lonely not texting Sara. I would text her but I always have to be the bigger person in situations like this. It’s not like I always stop talking to my friends but I feel like Sara has a lot of issues and some she’s causing herself. I mean, why date a guy who you know is unreliable? And then when he breaks her heart, she goes back to him the first chance she gets. I yelled/texted her about that and she got pissed off. I’m the one who always has to make her feel better about herself. The things I say are true but it’s annoying when she keeps making the same mistakes. I’m there every time she runs back to him and he breaks her heart. Plus, we are 13. What the heck do we know about love? Nothing.
5. I love Sara like a sister, but siblings have to fight sometimes.
6. I have a problem with Princesses. Most of them are all like, when will my prince come? And I think, WTF. Stop waiting on him and get him yourself. And they need to stop living off of daddy’s money. There are a few Disney princesses who actually worked. That is Cinderella, Tiana, and Snow White. And I think I count Mulan. I especially like Mulan because she went out and got her man. Also Tiana, she worked her whole life in order to get that restraint she wanted and in a way, she went and got her man too. (Tiana is also the first African American Disney Princess).

Creative thing:

A awesome
L lovely
Y yes,yes you are
S special
S silly
A artistic sometimes

(acrostic poem)


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