Already lost

Sooo, yesterday I didn’t post. I already failed my resolution to post every single day. Oh well, I guess we all have our days…
Anyways, my friend Kelsey and I were in a contest within our art class and won. I can’t show you a picture, but his name is Michael Catson. She drew it and I’d like to say I was the idea person. Our monter looks like a clown, a cat, and what Michael Jackson would look like were a emo teen in today’s world. Quite a weird combo, I’d say. Lol. But anyways, the contest was against all of the other partnerings in my art class. We won overall first place and we won Best Name. Kelsey is VERY good at drawing. And I am a great idea person sometimes which is why I would like to go into marketing. Not telemarketing, because no one likes a telemarketer, but MARKETING.
I want to design toys and cereal boxes and pitch them to teams and focus groups.
Arggghhhh!!! I’m off topic again!!!! But for winning I got a really cute sketchbook and a gel pen. I’ll put a picture of it at the end of this post.

Sooo, I just came from church and it was fine. Ya know. Church is church. But a, I’ve got 27 pens to make by Sunday. I did the math and it will take me over seven hours this weekend. Omg. I blame my teachers because they give out so much homework. Students have lives too.
Teacher: I was busy this weekend so I didn’t finish grading your tests
Me: (in my head) I was busy this weekend so I didn’t do my homework.
Thats what goes through my head when a teacher says something along the lines of that. No offense to the teachers, but if they taught more effectively there would be no need for tons of homework. That’s because the students would know and understand the topic better if you teach it than
staying up all night doing homework.
Hey hey heyyyy. Sorry, I just felt like saying that. I have random impulses to say or do things sometimes. I don’t always do them, but when I do, its random.
Oh, I remember what I was gonna say now. Anybody have any ideas for drawings and stuff? I know I’m the idea person but I’m terrible with self motivation and stuff. I guess self motivation has nothing to do with it, but still I’m not really in a inspired mood right now. Photography blogs are great for me as well. Great inspiration from those. Any ideas on what to draw are great. Thx. And I also want to try and draw in it every day which coincides with my creative thing of the day thing. Thanks ahead of time.




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