Ermm, Hi

Hey there everybody. Ik Tht it seems Tht I’ve dropped off the face of the earth, but I haven’t! The blogging everyday was short lived. Oh well. I’m in a talent show on Saturday. Anddd I was sick on Tuesday and Wednesday so I got to miss school and sleep all day. Which was even better because Thursday andFriday we had no school because it’s the end of the semester.
I’m nervous because of Highschool. I desperately want to stay in my school district with my friends but my parents want me to go to a different Highschool because of better SAT and ACT scores. I guess what happens will happen. Turns out my friend isn’t preggo. Which I’m happy about but I’m pissed that she even did that.
The talent show is Saturday and I’m excited for it. I felt like a girly girl today because I pulled out my outfit early and took pictures of it. First I took a picture of it all together and then I took separate pictures and made it a collage. Thanks to some great feedback from the lovely people on an app called Thumb, I’m going to change the earrings but here’s the picture:


What do you think of it? At the talent show I’m singing Valerie by Amy Winehouse. I’d post a video but I’d have to pay to do that. :(. My friend is in it as well and seems to think that she will get first place and me second. Ha! I doubt that. I feel that I will win first place and that she will be salty after losing. But it’s a friendly competition between us two, and I guess the other 15 entrants.
I learned how to sew yesterday. I made handwarmers. They’re really cool. I’m going to warm them up right before I leave for the bus stop and they will keep my hands warm for good ten to fifteen minutes. I’ve made three so far and they all got small holes in the seams after my brother played with them for a while. They remind him of hackey sacks. I’ve repaired two but there is still rice coming out of the last one. So now I can sew, knit, and sort of crochet. I’m so old school. Lol. These things require patience which is something that I only sometimes have.
My creative thing is the beginning of a song. I would have written more but I’m having trouble determining if the line should say “I’m not invincible” or “I am invincible”. The song is about how people’s words dot hurt me and If I say I am invincible, then I’m afriad someone would come and shoot me to see if I die. But if I say I’m not invincible then that means that I’m vulnerable but your words don’t hurt me which is confusing. So yeah. Any song writers out there? I try to write songs but I feel like they all suck. I should just make songs out of the longer poems I write. Then I could just repeat some stuff a couple times and have a hit single. Sorry, I’m ranting. Okay, here’s the song:


Your words words words try to break me down
But you’ll never see as much a little frown
You keep keep keep movin your mouth
it’s running a 100 miles per hour

I am invincible
And I just want you to know
Say what you want do what you do
Words don’t hurt coming from you
You dont define me
With your degrading words
Because I am invincible


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