Guess. What.

I won first place in the talent show! I won an iTunes gift card, a t shirt, a free phone voucher, a hat, and a certificate. Quite a boatload isn’t it? I’m giving the phone to my friend because I already have quite a good phone. I’m very excited about that though. I want to put the video up on YouTube because I think it was a very good performance. I haven’t had a chance to watch it yet though. My friend was also in it and won third place. And since there were only three people that showed up for our age group, third isn’t that great. She was obviously upset because she was so set on being in first place. She was very cocky before hand about winning first place though, too.
And today we visited a possible high school choice for me. The school costs 20K a year, which is crazy. But the school is very very good. We took a tour today and I liked it. The school is huge and seems very cool. My god brother is going there. He’s got a scholarship for that school and already took the test and stuff to get in.
Today is my moms 37th birthday. We made her dinner and bought her a suit and onion glasses. I guess they are supposed to stop her from crying while chopping onions. Lol. We have yet to test them yet.
The food was very good but I threw all of it up. :/. Her cake was two tiered and polka dotted with a bow on top. It was very nice. We had to make a board game for language arts and I lost the game cards so I had to make them all over again. I bet sometime tomorrow I’m going to find them.


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