My favorite apps

1. Charadium
This app is like a social version of Pictionary. It’s very very fun.
2. Temple Run
Idk what to say about this app. It’s super fun. Super super fun, I can spend hours on this game.
3. Jet pack Joyride
This game is Beasty. Yes, I am trying to bring that word back. Lol. But really, I’ve recommended this game to all of my friends and they all love it. My friends are really good at this game and are already over level fifty. I can barely get past level five.
4. Craftgawker
I’ve done a review for this app before. I love looking at all of the crafts and diys. I’ve even done a few of them such as the crayon cookies and hand Warmers.
5. Sweet Shop
I usually hate those sit and wait games. The games that you do something and then you have to wait an amount of time for it to finish. That is very irritating to me but somehow….. I don’t know why, but this game is very cool to me.
6. Pages
This is like Microsoft Word for the iPhone. I type a lot of my reports on it now because it’s easy and portable. I can even print it from my phone!!!


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