The Monster

I know there’s a monster in my closet
He comes out when I’m not around
I know he’s there because he eats my things
He often eats my socks
Or my homework
Or my earphones
Or my left shoe
He is a very weird monster
He eats things and then puts them in weird places
He put my sock in a shirt drawer
Sometimes I find things in the place where they are supposed to be
Which is odd because I never put things in their correct homes
That monster is very clever, he is!
He regurgitates things in perfect condition
Which is probably why he is always hungry
I find things when I least expect to
Because he fills he hides my things
This monster thinks that this is a gun game we play
But I don’t find it one bit fun
Right before school I am always missing my left shoe
Or my homework
Or my socks
Or my earphones
So contrary to popular belief, I do not lose things
I just have to wait until that monster regurgitates and returns my things
Who is also the reason why I can’t find anything that is lost
I have to wait
For him to put my stuff back


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