We are Young

Fast tip: Just because your young, that doesn’t mean act stupid

That was just a tip to my generation. 🙂
Sooooo, my day was pretty average. Besides the fact that I fell in love. Such a deep, entrancing love that it was hard for me to let go. I fell in love with a song. Sounds weird doesn’t it? But do you have that song or two that you can listen to over and over? For me it was not Over you by Gavin Degraw and Okay, it’s alright with me by Eric Hutchinson. Those songs were my favorite and I would literally have to contain myself from singing along. But then, my iPod got all whacked out and junk so now only the music that I bought after my iPod got whacked out works. Bleehhh. But now, I feel like its all music that does that to me. I’m kind of an emotional person when It comes to music. If a song has the tone or feel to it, I could cry. I blame my mom though and my granny. They cry at tv shows and commercials all the time. That’s why I can’t watch extreme makeover with either of them. They will just bawl. Lol. But for me, its music.
I should really make a video of myself singing and dancing along to a song because I would get thousands of hits on YouTube. After school, I crank up the volume in my earphones and sing and dance. Then my brother just looks at me like I’m a crazy wacko and goes about his buisness. 🙂
“seeing is deceiving, dreaming is believing. It’s okay not to be okay”
– Who You Are, Jessie J

” Tonight we are young. And we’ll set the world on fire, and we will burn brighter, than the sun”
– We are Young, Fun.

“Youve got all the friends in all the right places, but yeah we’re going down”
– All the Right Moves, One Republic


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