I HATE bullying

Hello. My name is Alyssa. People think many things about me. Some are true while others aren’t. The untrue ones really get on my nerves. And it gets on my nerves when people say untrue things about my friends. You can talk about me all day, but when you mess with my friends, that’s when I get mad. I mean, of course I get mad when people talk bad about me but I’ll tell them off. It’s different for friends sort of. Example A. Me. People have called me perfect. To some, that is the greatest complement. To me, it really isn’t. To me, it means that I’m a good actress and that people have a skewered view of me. Like, how could someone who is weird also be perfect? Oh, Alyssa is so perfect cuz she gets good grades, is never in trouble at school, and has no problems. Part of this is right. I actually don’t have any real problems right no. My parents aren’t junkies and they love me, I have a good support system, and I’m not on anything illegal. My biggest issues are self consciousness and self esteem problems. Yeah, you could say that those aren’t real issues but I think they are. And oh we’ll that I don’t think that I’m that attractive. Who gives a care? Do you know what shocked me? I have these huge sideburns and I happened to start talking about them to my friend because she wanted me to wear my hair up. I always wear it down and in my face. She said, “I didn’t know you were so self conscious.”. I just shut up then because I need not reveal more of my super personal feeling to her. I tell my friends everything except how I feel about myself. My friends probably think that I’m vain because I often complement myself. I only do that to try and make myself feel better about the way I look. People think I’m weird. That is true. I hate feeling like I fit in, but at the same time I want to fit in. It’s like I want to be a soldier in the army but instead of wearing green I want to wear blue. I get made fun of for have Ugg style sketcher shoes. That, is my parents fault but I don’t care cuz I’d rather wear $20 dollar shoes than $300 dollar shoes because that’s a waste of money for a fad. My grades are alright but they sure aren’t what they used to be.
Example 2. My friend Kelsey.
She is bi and often dyes her hair different colors which is apparently disliked by a lot of people. I think that’s bull. She is teased so much because of her sexuality and I hate that. People will be talking about something and then when she walks by their Convo will literally change to talk about gay/ lesbian people. that’s just messed up. Why the heck do they care anyways? If you don’t like someone, why bother them about it? This morning, Kelsey walked over to us completely depressed. Why? Because she was bullied for having blue hair or liking girls. So before school was even started she was bullied. Kelsey is a great and cool person but noone want to find out because of their mean ways.
Example 3. Joseph aka Coco Brown
As a quick fact, the nickname coco brown is not a racist joke even though he kind of is that color. But ANYWAYS, Joseph is a little slow sometimes and asks questions that have a very obvious answer. When he first came around mid year, he was this totally happy dude and he just shrugged off and smiled when people made a small joke about him being slow. But he has completely changed along with some people’s jokes. We all know that person who crosses the line with jokes and quite a few people have done that with Coco. It’s not just jokes anymore. It’s teasing and bullying. Now a days he’s a bit more sad and quiet. He’s really changed and I can tell even though we weren’t ever that close of friends.

Geez. I HATE bullying so much. It’s filled with stereo types and angry people. Theres a Muslim kid in my grade, they call him Osama Bin Ladens nephew. And when Osama Bin Laden died, they said, ” Shawn! Your uncle just got killed!”. How messed up is that? Black people are the chicken wings and Asians are egg rolls and white people are white people. And note that my school is one of the most diverse in Wisconsin. Also, one of my friends often thinks and talks about suicide because she’s treated so badly. And to be honest, I talk about her sometimes too. But that’s just because she is over the top with somethings and acts inappropriate sometimes. But there is not justification for bullying. I hope there’s a stop to this bullying epidemic that’s sweeping America. I hate it when me and some of my friends are called fugly. Especially when it’s from my best friends boyfriend. I’m sorry that I’m rambling but guess what’s been said to me and a couple of my friends? First know, that Ahsha is really pretty. I was told that there is no reason that Ahsha should hang out with me, Nijeria, sara, and michaela because we are ugly. That was told to me by her boyfriend and by a girl in our grade last year. That stings just a little bit.


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