Valentines Day

Valentines day is the very commercialized day where you are supposed to be especially nice to your loved one. Then again, it’s also the day that single people think is pointless but also secretly wish they could celebrate with someone. I guess I fit in the second category. Then again, what is a 13 yr old gonna do with a boyfriend? We wouldn’t go on dates or anything like Tht so it’d really just be more like a title. But it’s a title that lets you get gifts on valentines day though. :). Oh well, I’m not really fretting over it though. I felt a little sad at the end of the day though because I saw a whole bunch of girls Geting on the bus or walking home with a teddy bear, rose, or candy and what not. First, I think that’s a bit much for middle schoolers. My BFF got 6 roses and a teddy near from her bf. I think that’s kind of a lot for him to do since we r all only in 8th grade. You could say I’m just hatin on her cuz I didn’t get anything but I don’t care. If that happened to me though I would think that’s the sweetest thing while thinking that that’s being a force. oh well. I made my main friends valentines with candy on them. That was fun.


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