My Birthday List

Tomorrow is my Dad’s birthday!!! Yaaay!  i think this desirves a list!  a list of why I am absolutely in love with birthdays.  Especailly mine which is coming up in the next month.

1. I feel very extra specail on my birthday.  The day is all about me, and, of course the millions of other people who share the same birth date as me. 

2. Food!  On birthdays, you get cake, and ice cream, and whatever food you want pretty much within reason of course.  For me its usually cake, ice cream, and a trip to my favorite resturaunt.

3. A little more respect.  I’m not popular at school, at all.  They used to say birthdays on the anouncements and one year whenthey called my name no one said anything.  But when another persons name came on they all shouted and whooped “Happy Birthday.”  Bogus.  But with the people who actually care a little about me, I’m treated  little nicer.

4. Wow, i can actually only think of three reasons why I like birthdays.  I absolutely love birthdays though.

I have a student teacher in my Algebra class and her birthday was todaqy.  Apparently she isn’t into birthdays.  I was like, ” How can you not like birthdays!?!”  I guess its all a matter of opinion.  I really need  come up with better lists though.  Four things isn’t much of a list, especailly when the last one doesnt really even count.  Practice makes perfect.


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