Stupid S

I have a lisp that’s only been recently brought to my attention. My mom says I’ve had one that’s been increasingly worse over the years. So a couple of weeks ago my mom contacted the schools speech therapist and she gave my mom a stack of papers that should supposedly help me. Whatever.
Now I have to practice every night to get the hang of saying the S right. I just started today so we’ll see how it goes.
How did I form this lisp? This is a question that I can answer. It all started before a lisp had come into my life. I had lost my two front teeth and I liked to talk with my tongue through the hole to show off my empty spaces. Now that my teeth r back in, I guess I still have a problem with pushing on my top and bottom teeth which has caused them to crook forward a little which has caused them to not touch. Just like the main ones in the front. My top and bottom molars are best friends. So now all of my S’s have a slight th sound to them. It’s not too bad, but it’s very noticible to me and I’ve been pointed out on it and made fun of.
Funny Story:
Less than an hour ago my dad was showing me how to make my S and told me to close my mouth. I did, but because of the way my teeth come forward, my mouth apparently looks open. Lol.
So Susie Sweetie who sits seaside wearing shades and sandals can forget about me coming to visit and describe her. All about S’s, that girl.


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