My little pony

  My granny took my brother and i to McDonald’s today.  Since they messed up our order, they offered to give us something like cookies or a discount on something.  My grandma refused all of those offers and since they felt obligated to give us something for some reason, they gave my brother and I […]

My Daily Pep Talk

Put on that beautiful fake smile and keep going. Other things I have to tell myself: That nasty look could mean anything. And they’re probably looking at someone behind you. Today will not be the day that you get in trouble at school, Alyssa. Maintain composure. Nothing bothers you. You are invincible and can take […]

iPhone/ IPod Backgrounds! And a link to the DIY

So like the title says, there are a bunch of backgrounds in this post. Craftgawker is one of my favorite apps and recently there was a tutorial on how to make an iPhone background. The tutorial recommends using sketchbook mobile but I preferred using Doodle Buddy. Here is a link to the post: Ok, […]

I am there

Sometimes people keep things bottled up inside and never tell anyone. They try to deal with their feelings by themselves when what they need to do is reach out to a friend for help. Real friends will always be there for you. You should be able to talk to your real friends about anything. I […]


Last night, I watched pretty little liars and then couldn’t sleep cuz I was scared. When I finally went to sleep I had a headache and when I woke up my head was pounding. I’m just going to drink some water and take some meds before I catch the school bus. My head hurts so […]