It’s been a really long time

I haven’t poste in a really long time. But guess what really brave thing I just did. I submitted a letter to “Letters I’ll never send”. I feel kind of relieved. I think I’m going to start writing more of those. The idea is really cool.
My birthday is coming up.
My friends have some drama going on that I’m trying to stay out of. I’m not really doing so well.
Idk what to talk about. What do you want me to talk about? I’ve had many moments where I could and should have posted. But now that time has past and I’m dry of ideas. Unless you want to hear about my friend problems which I really doubt. It’s funny how they always get problems around my birthday and then I have trouble deciding on who to invite. It’s not their party though. They can pretend to be friends long enough to watch the Hunger Games and eat pizza. Oh yeah!!!!!!
For my birthday I really really REALLY want to see the Hunger Games. The book is exceptional so I expect the movie to be too. It’s gonna be off the chain dawgggggg. (slang doesn’t quite fit me).


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