19 days and counting until my birthday!!!! Yay. That’s pretty much all that is in my mid right now. I can’t even pay attention in school. But that’s mostly because I’m excited to seethe Hunger Games which comes out March 23 which is two days before my birthday.
Also, I’ve really taken to Alternative and Punk Rock bands lately. Bands such as Fall Out Boy, All American Rejects, and one of my old favorites, Paramore. I put Paramore into Pandora and it gave an endless amount of songs that I fell in love with. The song “I don’t Care” by Fall out boy is one of my favorites. This lyric has been stuck in my head, “I don’t care what you think as long as its about me, the best of us can find happiness in misery.”. I posted this quote on my Facebook wall and my mom liked it. My mom. Liked my status. I doubt she even knows what the verse means. It basically mean I don’t give a care about what people think of me and I find other peoples pain funny. The last part only applies to me sometimes. I can be quite a softy but if someone trips or falls down stairs I will laugh. Thts just who I am. But when my class watched the Patriot after learning about the Revolutionary War, I gasped or jumped everyone someone got killed. Which in that movie, is very often. Oh well.
Funny story:
My dad said that if I didn’t clean my room by the time he got home (two hours) I would get in trouble. So what I did was start cleaning and the. I got onto YouTube. Bad idea. I ended up watching funny baby videos for an hour and a half and I Had to rush to clean my room. My dad gets home, my room looks decent, and no trouble for me. Yay. And I got to watch a bunch of funny baby videos. Yay
Time to get started on homework. Yay.


4 thoughts on “Yay!

  1. I don’t know whats reallly nice about the hunger games. I haven’t read any thing about it but i want to. IT’S just like the whole twilight thinng. Once everybody starts liking it then i don’t take interest in it anymore

    • I understand. Your not into stuff that everyone else likes, I’m guessing… But I read the book before I even know there was a movie and now that there is I’m really excited. And I think that a whole bunch of people are into Twilight because of the movies. It’s my understanding that the book is always better than the movie and I don’t really care for the twilight movies. Once I get around to reading the twilight books I might feel differently about it, but I understand where your comig from.

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