The Problem with Books into Movies

So um, back to the topic about the Hunger Games….. If the movie is disappointing compared to the books I will be very upset. And, by going to see the Hunger Games for my birthday, I am doing a good deed. What is that deed? I am giving the gift of reading. I’m pretty much a book worm and my friends are not. And now that we are going to see the movie they want to read the book! I have bettered thier lives by seeing that movie which makes them want to read the book. But, there are things that make me upset when seeing a movie based off of a book.
For me, when I read a book, it’s like a movie going on in my head. I picture what they look like, what they sound like, and it’s all pretty much all going through my head like a movie. The thing is, that when I see the movie, the characters usually don’t look how I pictured them. And they sound different. And the surroundings are different. Of course Hollywood can’t make movies based on how I see everything in my head, but it’s weird seeing different people as the characters I know. I guess that’s all I pretty dont like about books into movies.
But I’m scared about the Hunger Games. What if it becomes to big, like Harry Potter or Twilight? Then we will have a bunch of Hunger-hards running around and then most people won’t find a true respect and love for the Hunger Games. That’ll make me sad. I’d be the Hunger Games version of Twihards. I find Twihards irritating cux the ones that I know only talk about Edward and Jacob and the one expression- Bella. Gosh I hope that doesn’t happen. But it might because they are selling Hunger Game merchandise at places like Hot Topic. This is very very bad. Hmmmm. Oh well.


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