Well Golly

Gosh. I just learned that everyone on the internet is not American. I know, I know. That is the stupidest statement you may have ever heard and it surely the stupidest one I’ve ever said. But I kind of have a legit reason. I never really thought about people being from other countries. I just think hmm this person is interesting. And you can’t really tell where someone is from unless it’s in another language. Even when its in another language, that person could speak that language in any country in the world.
Why did I think about this? I thought about it because I often read a blog by a girl who I recently found out is English. I thought, oh! Whatever. And It stood out to me because she had said that she studied American Culture. She also said that she didn’t really know much but based a lot of her knowledge on shows like Glee and Hannah Montana. Lol. But really, those shows ate nothing like it is in real life. Only a little bit. Glee is a bit more realistic but a little exaggerated. That’s from my perspective though. America is a big huge melting pot with more than one lifestyle. A lot more than one. No tv show can really show you what it’s like in America because it’s different for everyone.


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