Book book book

It’s two weeks until my birthday!!! Yay. I went to church today and sold a bunch of flower pens. One day I’m going to get around to making that tutorial. Guess what!!! Have I mentioned that I wrote a children’s book in seventh grade? And did I mention that I won third place in Wisconsin. That’s a lot of kids to beat. Well I did do those things and a lady at my church wants to publish my book!!! Omg it’ll be awesome. She says that first we have to copyright it, then send it to a publishing company, and then put it on Amazon. She knows people who can help with these things. 😀 I’m so excited about this. My book will be out there for the world to buy!!! And when it does, I will post a link to amazon so you can buy my book. It would be very nice if you did. 🙂


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