Starting something New

Hi there. This week I am going to start two new things that will make my life better. First, I am going to learn Spanish. I’m not planning on taking it at school, but I want to use podcasts to help me. Learning Spanish will help me be able to communicate with Spanish speaking people. More and more people will be speaking Spanish in the United States and it’s something that will be very useful in the work place. So if anyone knows good and FREE Spanish learning podcasts, websites, or apps, be sure to comment below.
The second thing I’m going to start doing is walking home from school. I weigh a bit more than I like so to get more exercise I want to walk home from school. Wisconsin weather has been weird lately so it’s been pretty warm. This is Wisconsins fourth warmest winter in history. Gosh. There’s been barely any storm and we haven’t had any bad snow storms or missed school because of snow. The weather is being so weird. But anyways, I want to start walking home more.
And my birthday is in 13 days!!! Yay!
So that’s all for tonight. :). Good night! And have sweet dreams.


One thought on “Starting something New

  1. I’ve never tried learning spanish so I wouldn’t know but when I wanted to learn japanese there was a site that offered free podcasts. I’d suggest you search something like “Learn Spanish Online Free” or “Free Spanish Podcasts” on a search engine.

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