A Rant on Bookmarks

Eleven days until my birthday. Yes.

Today was a half day. Yay. And I walked around my subdivision which was fun. My brother was on his bike and went to far ahead of me. I thought he got lost and I freaked out just a little. Turns out he was still riding his bike and went all the way around again. That made me very upset with him but I got over it.
I finally got around to writing my USM essay. And I neglected to do my homework which I had two days to do. 😦 I’ll do it soon. I had my physical today. It was a little awkward but fine for the most part. It was especially weird when my doctor and my mom started talking about what they were making for dinner. My family ended up having subway. Since I get dizzy spells sometimes, my doctor told me to drink more water and have more salt. I told my Dad and he thought it was ironic because overally Americans have too much salt. I told him not to generalize all Americans like that but he replied with an, “It’s true.”. So I just said ok and went along with my buisness. I don’t argue with my parents.
For my birthday I am practically begging for Albatros bookmarks. Bookmarks? Yes bookmarks, but not just any book marks. They are bookmarks that if you so happen to drop your book while reading it, the bookmark is engineered so that it still saves your page. No more struggling to find my page or bookmarks falling out. No more having to move my bookmark Everytime I turn a page so that I don’t risk missing a page. No more having to struggle with my bookmark so that I can pick it up. That is time consuming, especially when moving from class to class. No more of this injustice and stress because my page is now lost in the hundreds of other pages in the book. This revolutionary bookmark sticks in ur book and is reusable. This bookmark saves your page right away when you close it. No more fiddling around. This bookmark is revolutionary!!!!!!!

I’m explaining it very badly but it does those things and so much more. It’s like magic!!! I’ll post a link at the end of this post so you can check it out for yourself. It’s awesome especially for me because I love to read so much. And now that I think about it, this would be a great gift for my bookworm of a god brother!
That’s enough of my rambling on high end magical bookmarks for one day.
Ps. I think my parents are getting sick of me talking about my birthday. Lol

Albatros Bookmarks Link:



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