Very Ranty on Dating

I am seriously reconsidering wanting to go to USM after I heard that they get four and a half hours of homework every night. They wanna take my money and my time!?!? But that’s just too much Hw in general.
Have I told u about Coco and Nijeria? I think I have But as of late Coco was forced to date a certain girl by her friends. That’s just evil. He doesnt even like her. He likes Nijeria. And Nijeria likes him, but they can’t go out cuz he’s stuck in a trap. This certain girls friends are a little forceful. Apparently this girl has self esteem issues and will go into a downward spiral if he breaks up with her.
First, I have no idea how she can hate herself. She’s pretty, maybe a little overweight, but everyone loves her. She’s convinced that everyone hates her. This is crazy.
Second, that’s very low to FORCE someone to date another person. Very, very low.
Third, Nijeria and Coco talk more than Coco talks to this certain girl. And they look like a better couple. And they actually like each other instead of it being a one way relationship.
Fourth, what do people in eight grade even do when they date? I really just think that it’s just a name. Most of the time people my age who date don’t even go out. It’s just a text or two and a hi at school. That’s stupid. If your going to call someone you bf/gf then you oughta actually like them and go out on dates!!!
Fifth, I need people to stop pressuring me into having a boyfriend. Gosh it’s annoying. My best friends boyfriend is always Tryna get me to go out with one of his friends. He needs to refer to “fourth” so he can see how I see dating in eighth grade. I don’t even like the guys he’s Tryna get me to date.
Sixth, I hate it when people ask me why I don’t like a certain guy. I’m thinking what does it matter to you? I don’t like him and I won’t date him and that’s that. End of question. Gosh.
Seventh, this is very ranty. Just about all of my posts are but I try to contain the rant a little sometimes. Blogging is a good way to express feelings.



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