Sunday was my Birthday

I went to go see the Hinger Games with my friends. My birthday cake was awesome.


The movie was great and I got a lot of cool gifts. My favorite was mustash earring and a moustache necklace. I have no idea how to spell mustache. Gosh. My friend gave me a notebook with a nice message in it. Now I want to write in it but I pretty much write a good portion of things on my blog.
My god brother forgot my b day. Lol. He thought it was on Wednesday.
I fell asleep after school but I’m still getting a little tired.
I’m still trying to figure out a song to sing for the talent show. I keep changing songs and time is running out! 😦
I got a lot of birthday wishes on Facebook on my birthday. While I was browsing memebase this is a cake that I found properly tells how I feel.


Yup. 🙂 I’m 14 now!!! Yayyyyyy. Well I guess I’ll go now. I’m just wondering, but do you have god siblings? How did they become your god siblings? I was recently reminded of the story of I had got my god brother Tj. He got mad at me because I didn’t remember. Oh well.


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